A "Blinged" Hound is a Happy Hound
Putting on the BLING
Charley wearing his one of a kind
amber necklace.

Charley and Brandee live in
Brandee models her one of a kind
blue and silver necklace.
Sissy is thrilled with her pink and black ribbon
tied necklace.  Sissy lives in Minnesota with her
greyhound brother.
Sagira looking gorgeous wearing her
flip flop pearl necklace.  Sagira lives in
Sequoia is heading out for her walk
sporting leather and a pretty pink
Collar Bling.
Sequoia lives in California with her
Daddy Chris.
Honey is hoping the mailman is bringing her some
new Bling.
Honey lives in Calgary
Wearing her Heart's All A Flutter necklace, Heart during her
crate confinement for heartworm treatment.

Heart lives with her Mom Judy, Dad Mike, her 5 greyhound
siblings and Jilly a JRT.
Jilly the queen of the Losey household.  She
has her own 6 greyhounds plus a  Mom and  
Dad to do her bidding.

Jilly is wearing her Hop It necklace to match
her Frog Dog Dayz Boutique collar.
Jeanie resting on her way home from Sandy
Paws 2006.  Jeanie is ready for spring with
her flower collar bling.

Jeanie lives with Hunky and Profile and
Mommy Nan.
Sequoia wearing her beaded lei.