Curly Cue Sun Catcher!
$25.00 each
with $10.00 donated to the greyhound cause of your choice.
The Curly Cue Sun Catcher

Every greyhound likes to catch a sunbeam, and this one is no different. Curly Cue is crafted from your choice of copper, or silver covered copper
jewelry grade wire.  Her pretty collar is dazzling with faceted crystals, tear drop etc...  this is where you get to help design your own collar.   
Hanging from the curlique's are co-ordinating large crystals that shimmer in the sunlight.  

Curly Cue measures i8" overall

This gorgeous baby hangs from a matching chain and will include a suction cup for  for hanging in your sunniest  window.

$25.00 with $10.00 donated to the greyhound group of your choice.  
The two Curly Cue Sun
Catchers shown were donated
to fund raising auctions for
GAF-Grey Haven, and GALT.
Once you complete your order, I will email you to discuss your wishes for wire colour and
crystal colours.  As well you can tell me who your $10.00 is to be donated to.