A complete line of hand crafted Neck Bling for discerning hounds and their
owner.  Casual Bling offers Dog Necklaces, Collar Blings, as well as  Bracelets,
Necklaces and Earrings for any dog lover.  
Custom work is my specialty.

Of course Bling is not just for greyhounds.  Necklaces and Collar Blings can be
made in any size from the teeny tiny chihuahua to the stately great dane.

My designs are all hand crafted by me.  Most are one of a kind, so each time you
are getting an "Original Bling".  I am driven by three things; Beauty, Durability and
most of all, Safety.

Each piece is strung on ribbon, wire or stretch cord, using durable beads with no
sharp edges.  Fasteners are attached once I am satisfied with the overall design  
The fasteners are an integral part of the design, either as a discreet claw clasp, a
noticeable toggle clasp, a pretty grosgrain, organza or satin ribbon.  Each
necklace is planned to make a statement.  All custom orders are created to reflect
the personality of the hound that will wear it.  I strive to make necklaces and
Collar Blings that add to the beauty of a collar not outshine it.

Whether you have a Diva Princess or a Casual Dude - Get Bling!
My Inspiration

Foxy - my Diva Princess
Dec. 6, 1995 - Aug. 5 2008
She's young.  
She's healthy.
We Believe she can stay that way.
Support Doctor Couto and Ohio State
University's research
on cancer in greyhounds

Make a donation to Hope for Hounds for
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